Friday, January 8, 2016

Patti Smith, M Train, and More

Naturally when M Train was released, I had to jump to read it. It is my first book to read in 2016 over a few days off although people say they can read it in one night. It is beautiful and does not take up a lot of time to read. I love Patti Smith's writing voice and it is almost like I get the feeling that I know her now. She is very much a poetic thinker and distills life through a very creative lens and personality.  Just Kids won a National Book Award and is very worthwhile to read. I have to say the little book Woolgathering is my favorite poetry type book of hers. I have now realized she has a lot of older books to enjoy as well that I have not read.

Personally, I have not gotten into her music so much as of now, but I love how she lives poetically along with her life with Robert Mapplethorpe and other creative artists she is friends with. It is very inspiring to read the details.

Please find her in an author search for placing a hold. There are several copies of Just Kids and I remember Oxford has M Train and Woolgathering. SIRSI is down and I cannot post the usual quick links, but it gives me time to recommend her and find this interview.

Patti Smith Interviewed on Canadian Broadcasting Service 

--by Michelle at FRL

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