Friday, July 22, 2011

Apps for Readers (Free)


iPhone & iPad

Puts your library at your fingertips. Downloads to iTunes, where you simply drag and drop the e-books and documents you want to read on your Apple device. You organize your library according to your preferences, arranging books and documents in the folders of your choosing.

Stanza offers a unique feature that allows you to copy notes, pictures, and passages from your books by simply dragging your finger over the area you want to isolate. Then you can send that media in a note, an email, a twitter, or even a text. Books have been adapted to fit your screen size for easy reading, plus you can shrink or enlarge the font size to your preference.

Local Books
iPhone & iPad

Connects readers to and locates events at book places around you. You can search, locate, organize, and read brief descriptions about book related events and venues around you.

iPhone & iPad

Allows you to download and read over 100,000 ebooks. Also, allows you to upload your own personal content or ebooks from other websites so you are not locked into any one site. Thousands of new books are added each month from ebook retailers like and

Bookstores & Purchasing

iPhone & iPad & iPod Touch

Allows enthusiastic readers access to over 950,000 of Amazon’s e-publications. Kindle includes magazines, newspapers, and books, all of which are instantly delivered digitally. Kindle even includes a multiple sync feature, which allows someone with multiple devices with Kindle App to automatically sync your notes, bookmarks, and last page read to every device.

iPhone & iPad

Offers access to more than 2 million titles. You can sample any Nookbook for free. Comes with the LendMe, which lets you share Nookbooks with friends. Offers multitasking options such as adding notes, highlights, and bookmarks.

iPhone & iPad

Offers readers access to over 2.2 million e-books, e-magazines, and e-newspapers. You can shop at Borders online store from anywhere and instantly have books delivered to your iPhone. Offers the “instapaper” feature, which allows you to save and access snippets, blogs, and notes on your iPhone and iPad.

iPhone & iPad

For avid readers who are looking for that next great read, the next big thing, or that undiscovered gem. Allows you to see what’s going on in the independent bookseller’s world and to purchase and read indie books. You can see what the IndieBound recommends, or you can choose from the bestsellers list. Also offers a link for each book so that you can purchase directly from the nearest store.

iPhone & iPad

Apple offers enhanced books, which automatically play audio or video included in the book. This app comes with all the amenities and multitasking features typical to an e-reader. One of the newer features built into the app is the “read-aloud narration” with a real narrator who reads the book to you.


Marvel Comics
iPhone & iPad

Comic lovers will enjoy lots of free, hard to find comics available for download. The comics store also offers new releases and best sellers for almost half off. Any comic reader looking to increase their collection must check out this app. It makes searching for and collecting your favorites so accessible and easy.

Clickwheel Comic Reader
Allows you to quickly download and access your favorite comic books – anywhere anytime.

iPhone & iPad

Connects you to largest eComic library and store on the web. Comics app uses Guided View technology to adapt comics to smaller formats without losing visual content and readability. Many major and independent publishers are flushing content into the Comics library. You’ll find new releases and older comics side by side.


iPhone & iPad

Contains over 3,535 classic audiobooks for free: Oliver Twist, Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, Art of War, etc. Now offers modern titles for purchase. Here’s a list of some neat features: -Background Playback, Offline Playback, Automatic Bookmarking, Sleep Timer and much, much more.

Overdrive Media Console
iPhone & iPad

Allows you to check out ebooks and audiobooks from your public, school, or college library. The books are instantly downloaded to your device and automatically returned when the lending period expires so that there are never any late fees!

iPhone & iPad

Exactly what its name suggests – a copy of the constitution on your personal device. Not only does it contain the constitution, but it also has bios of each of the signers of the constitution.

iPhone & iPad

Complete works of Shakespeare. You’ll be given scene breakdowns with the overview of scenes, their location, and more. You’ll also have a glossary at your fingertips to help define words and phrases.

No Fear Shakespeare
iPhone & iPad

Offers modern translations of Shakespeare’s work for those who have trouble reading and understanding Shakespeare. You get the first scene of 18 of Shakespeare’s plays (you must purchase the rest of the play), 154 complete sonnets, plot summaries, historical facts to give context, character descriptions, and choice insults from each play.

iPhone & iPad

Read or listen to 80+ free translations of the Bible. You can use it offline and also in airplane mode. Access the Bible in many foreign languages, postmark pages and verses, choose from dozens of daily readings, and take notes.

iPhone & iPad

Discover new stories and check out what people around the world are reading right now! An app for reading and writing in real time – with over 1 million downloads per month, Wattpad is the world's most widely used eReading app to discover unlimited free stories for everyone.

Whether you like fantasy, romance, historical fiction, mystery, teen or fan fiction you can always find something to read, connect directly with writers and chat with other fans.

iPhone & iPad

Allows you to snap a picture of the cover of any book, DVD, CD, or video game and get instant information pertaining to that item: ratings, descriptions, and links to websites with more information about it (YouTube, Wikipedia, IMBd, etc.). Great to use while shopping as you can instantly get information, compare prices, and compare products.

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