Friday, November 20, 2015

Art and Desserts Meet : Sweet Envy Deceptively Easy Desserts Designed to Steal the Show by Seton Rossini

Oh how I love desserts to bring to potlucks, create for my son and his friends, or to give to someone for cheer! Holidays were created for desserts. I can't say too many good things about this cookbook. By all means, go to her blog and look at some pics. Click for Seton Rossini's pictures from blog She has created desserts for the windows of Macy's and shown her Succulent Cupcakes on television and lives in Baltimore, Maryland. 

I have to say I love the Mark Rothko cookies best because he is my favorite artist. I have a huge passion for modern art but he has to be my favorite because he did all those color study paintings that seem simple (everyone thinks they can do it better) but are the most amazing to see in a gallery and captured my complete respect and reverence when I saw in Chicago. You can also pick from Klimt truffles and Pollock pie. 

I will also admit that I have always loved making and sharing desserts but mine are never beautiful to show. It always reminds me of being in my Grandmother's kitchen as a child and being free to bake, but not at home. Mine taste fabulous but I can't seem to get the presentation right and always something happens. Some tragic misfortune I realize my cake is not sitting level in the oven or like the time my chocolate chess pie looked like poo to everyone because it did not firm for whatever reason. Baking is messy fun, but I really am looking forward to maybe buying Seton Rossini's book and making a pretty one that has some sort of aesthetic. Can I do it?

This book is available at Hernando Public Library. 

by Michelle at FRL

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  1. Stunning book with inspiring photos and plenty of pointers to achieve the sweet results you're going for...I've made about 8 recipes already and looking forward to a few "Sweet and Boozy" recipes for the holidays. So far, my favorites are the Rocky Road cookies, the homemade Take-5 Bars (Take-a-Break Bars) and the Pollack S'Mores Pie. When you're not using it, this book will be prominently placed on your coffee table--it's that gorgeous.