Friday, February 6, 2015

First Grave on the Right, by Darynda Jones

With a name like Charley Davidson, you expect "more attitude than a rich kid with his daddy's Porsche", but the Grim Reaper? How else would you explain a girl who sees dead people and helps them through to the beyond?

Charley has seen the dead all her life, and it hasn't been a bed of roses. The dead won't stop bothering her, the living are a pain, and her uncle keeps interrupting her beauty sleep to solve crimes. And she really needs her beauty sleep lately, or rather wants her beauty sleep, as she keeps having hot, sexy dreams of a man who never quite shows his face.

Throw in a few murders, a 13-year old gangster ghost named, Angel, some death defying stunts, and a criminal lack of coffee and you the start of a supernatural mystery thriller with some really hot romance.

I have to admit I am ambivalent about this book, it has snappy dialogue, a cool premise (who wouldn't want to read about the Grim Reaper), and caffeine laced action, but I'm not fond of the twist at the end of the book. That being said, other than the plot twist, it was an enjoyable read.


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