Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Walk to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks

When I was in middle school and first began to wander around the library in my hometown on my own, I came across Nicholas Sparks. Sweet to the core, Sparks tells stories about true and innocent love, but often featuring some sort of conflict.

In his book, A Walk to Remember, the main character, Landon, falls for an unpopular and very religious girl named Jamie despite his own popularity and easygoing nature. This journey begins when, at a loss for whom to invite to a school dance, Landon invites Jamie. They begin to see more of each other as Landon agrees to be in a play and to help Jamie with some errands.

Soon it is revealed that Jamie is also terminally ill. The two fall in love as Jamie becomes more and more fragile. Watch out because this one is definitely a tear-jerker.

Reviewed by Sarah, First Regional Library

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