Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Maya Angelou

I've enjoyed many Maya Angelou books, including Letter to My Daughter, Still I Rise, Hallelujah! the Welcome Table, Angelina of Italy and Mikale of Hawaii.

As I read through the different books, I found the common denominator to be both observation and contemplation. Maya is a storyteller and she pulls the reader into the story as if one actually experienced the same happenings. Maya shares her life history in complete honesty. She does not seek approval nor does she require that one make the same choices.

I very much enjoyed Letter to My Daughter. Each topic is delivered in a little nugget of information and stands alone. It was very much a conversation that happened over lunch or a phone call or even by snail mail. What was unexpected is Maya has no daughters!

I would certainly consider additional titles by Maya, any books she recommended and I certainly need to make some of those recipes she shared.

Reviewed by Debbie, First Regional Library

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