Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Darkest Depths, by David Thompson

Darkest Depths isn't all cowboys and Indians fighting or herding issues. The book was predictable and silly, but it did open options for future reading as I was surprised this genre was not so narrowly defined.

A summary of the book would be, a wilderness man, Nate King, crosses the plains and settles into a valley in the Rockies. He is married and has two kids. Zach, the older child, is married and will soon be a father. The Indians already settled there, are friendly and has established a strong bond with each other. Nate's best friend, Shakespreare McNair, also settles there and marries an Indian Blue Moon. A running thread of the story is that McNair is nicknamed as Shakespeare because he constantly quotes the Bard and reads him daily.

The plot has this group of people facing something living in the lake that is dangerous, but never seen. The Indians have legends and call it bad medicine. Because of recent deaths attributed to the monster, the men decide it has to die...

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