Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Will Save You, by Matt De La Peña

This book is a psychological story, a seventeen year-old boy named Kidd takes you through his journey over the summer, through difficult times and the easy. He had an abusive father whose actions caused his mother to commit suicide right in front of him.

It opens with a murder, and focuses on Kidd. He is in need of help with depression and is sent to therapy at Horizons, a group home, where he meets a boy names Devon. Devon turns out to be a friend and tormentor with a death wish. His good friend is very mysterious and tends to be a bully. Kidd also meets Olivia with some romance, who he tries to save from Devon.

Matt de la Peña follows the method of showing the climactic scene first and then going back to the events leading up to it.

This was a very interesting book.

Reviewed by Brenda, First Regional Library

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