Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dying to Meet You, by Kate Klise

Book One: 43 Old Cemetery Road

This is not for a novel reader. It is for a reader who likes fun. Do you enjoy reading mail? Good, this story is in letter form.

Mr. Grumply has authored a series of 12 mystery books. He is stuck and needs inspiration to come up with the 13th book. He sends letters to realtors looking for a summer house to rent. His hope is that a change in environment will help with his writing slump. Of all the wonderful choices such as Paris, Italy, a condo on the beach, apartment by the park; he chooses a three story old worn down mansion with a cemetery behind the backyard.

Letters are exchanged between him, the realtor, his attorney, a child, his publisher, and could it be a ghost? Will he complete the 13th book and will anyone help him?

This book reads fast because of the humor and the style it is written in. You will enjoy reading someone else’s letters!

Reviewed by a staff member, First Regional Library

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