Thursday, June 28, 2012

Begging for Change, by Sharon Flake

Raspberry Hill’s Momma is repeatedly trying to reach out to a very troubled teen neighbor, Shiketa, that lives in the same project apartments. Raspberry’s dad is a homeless drug addict, begging or stealing whatever he can for more drugs.

When Momma is hospitalized after Shiketa hits her over the head with a metal pipe, Raspberry’s friend, Zora, and her dad, Dr. Mitchell take care of Raspberry for a short while. Raspberry steals money from Zora’s purse. Dr. Mitchell is also Momma’s boyfriend.

Zora and Raspberry are not speaking to one another once Zora discovers what Raspberry has done. Dr. Mitchell and Momma do not know what the trouble is between the girls. Several of Zora and Raspberry’s mutual friends are torn in the conflict.

Will Raspberry own up to what she has done, or become a bumming thief like her dad? Will the situation come in between Raspberry’s Momma and Dr. Mitchell? Something must change. Raspberry Hill is Begging for Change!

Reviewed by a staff member, First Regional Library

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