Monday, May 4, 2009

Enter T.R., by Terrance Dicks

Theodore Roosevelt Bear

Enter T.R., by Terrance Dicks

Enter T.R. by Terrance Dicks is a book about a young British boy named Jimmy, who receives a surprising, and unusual gift from his uncle in America. His uncle found the teddy bear in his new home, and he thought Jimmy might want it.

The bear is named Theodore Roosevelt Bear, and it even looks like Teddy Roosevelt. It is short, broad shouldered and wears glasses. Jimmy doesn’t know what to think of the teddy bear, but no one is more surprised than he is when the bear talks back to him the first time. Jimmy is more surprised to learn that all toys have the potential to come alive, if they are given the chance.

Teddy teaches Jimmy lessons about family, loyalty, bravery, and standing up for oneself in this heartwarming story that begins a series.

Reviewed by Dena Sanford, Senatobia Public Library

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