Friday, February 20, 2009

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Family Heritage

Practical Magic, by Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic contains elements of tragedy, love, family, magic and humor.

From the moment the Owens family moved into the small Massachusetts town, they have been blamed for everything that goes wrong. This story revolves around two orphaned girls, the serious-minded Sally and the free-spirited Gillian, who are sent to live with their two eccentric aunts. The girls learn their aunts are witches, and the whole town sneaks over to their home for potions to cure illnesses or a broken heart.

In an effort to get away from their heritage, Gillian runs away as a teenager and Sally marries young. Unfortunately, Sally becomes a young widow with two small children. She packs up and leaves the area in yet another attempt to decline her heritage. Years later, Gillian shows up on her doorstep with her boyfriend’s dead body in the trunk of her car…

What follows is a funny, yet often poignant story of a group of women who find their way back to love, family, and magic.

Reviewed by Dena Sanford, Senatobia Public Library

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