Monday, August 4, 2008

YA & Juv Series

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His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman
The Golden Compass v.1
The Subtle Knife v.2
The Amber Spyglass v.3

Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo
Midnight for Charlie Bone
Charlie Bone and the Time Twister
Charlie Bone and the Invisible boy
Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors
Charlie Bone and the Hidden King
Charlie Bone and the Beast

Warriors the New Prophecy by Erin Hunter

Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan
Cirque du Freak v.1
The Vampire’s Assistant v.2
Tunnels of Blood v.3
Vampire Mountain v.4
Trials of Death v.5
The Vampire Prince v.6
Hunters of the Dusk v.7
Allies of the Night v.8
Killers of the Dawn v.9
The Lake of Souls v.10
Lord of the Shadows v.11
Sons of Destiny v.12

Redwall by Brian Jacques
Redwall v.1
Mossflower v.2
Mattimeo v.3
Mariel of Redwall v.4
Salamandastron v.5
Martin the Warrior v.6
The Bellmaker v.7
Outcast of Redwall v.8
Pearls of Lutra v.9
The Long patrol v.10
Marlfox v.11
The Legend of Luke v.12
Lord Brocktree v.13
Taggerung v.14
Triss v.15
Loamhedge v.16
Rakkety Tam v.17
High Rhulain v.18

American Girl Series

Molly by Valerie Tripp
Meet Molly v.1
Molly Learns a Lesson v.2
Molly’s Surprise v.3
Happy Birthday, Molly! v.4
Molly Saves the Day v.5
Changes for Molly v.6

Kirsten by Janet Beeler Shaw
Meet Kirsten v.1
Kirsten Learns a Lesson v.2
Kirsten’s Surprise v.3
Happy Birthday, Kirsten v.4
Kirsten Saves the Day v.5
Changes for Kirsten v.6

Felicity by Valerie Tripp
Meet Felicity v.1
Felicity Learns a Lesson v.2
Felicity’s Surprise v.3
• Happy Birthday, Felicity! v.4
Felicity Saves the Day v.5
Changes for Felicity v.6

Addy by Connie Porter
Meet Addy v.1
Addy Learns a Lesson v.2
Addy’s Surprise v.3
Happy Birthday, Addy! v.4
Addy Saves the Day v.5
Changes for Addy v.6

Josefina by Valerie Tripp
Meet Josefina v.1
Josefina Learns a Lesson v.2
Josefina’s Surprise v.3
Happy Birthday, Josefina v.4
Josefina Saves the Day v.5
Changes for Josefina v.6

Kit by Valerie Tripp
Meet Kit v.1
Kit Learns a Lesson v.2
Kit’s Surprise v.3
Happy Birthday, Kit! v.4
Kit Saves the Day v.5
Changes for Kit v.6

Kaya by Janet Beeler Shaw
Meet Kaya v.1
Kaya’s Escape v.2
Kaya’s Hero v.3
Kaya and Lone Dog v.4
Kaya Shows the Say v.5
Changes for Kaya v.6

Julie by Megan McDonald
Meet Julie v.1
Julie Tells her Story v.2
Happy New Year, Julie v.3
Julie and the Eagles v.4
Julie’s Journey v.5
Changes for Julie v.6

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