Sunday, April 19, 2015

Harper Lee's New Book Jacket Revealed!

Forget any rumored pretenders you may have seen. 

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With all the current buzz about this book, I finally bought a used, old student copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. I really did not want to take up a library copy with my slow reading and after all, I might want to read it outside, throw it in my purse, and take a chance on ruining the book. Somehow I had made it this far without reading it. It is the most pleasure to me now and nothing could be more exciting than waiting for her new, lost treasured original manuscript to be published! I am delighted with the first two chapters and seeing a lot of language I remember hearing as a girl like the word "flivver." Look it up too just so you will know the correct shade of meaning! I can't remember when I've enjoyed a book so much.

To get a hold on To Kill a Mockingbird

by Michelle Williams, FRL

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