Thursday, January 15, 2015

Angel's Peak, by Robyn Carr

Franci Duncan was having a night out with friends.  If she had known that she was going to run into her old boyfriend, Sean, she would have stayed home.  Sean is everything she remembers him to be: gorgeous, confident, and heart breaking.  He also seems to want a relationship with her again.

As far as Franci is concerned that ship has sailed and she explains this very clearly before slamming her car door in his face.  Even if she wanted to start a relationship, she has a secret she has been keeping for years from Sean.

A secret that Sean is about to learn, because he is not prepared to accept that the one girl he still dreams of, is beyond his reach.

This is a sweet slice of hometown life spiced with amusing and heartwarming characters.  The kind of book you settle down with to enjoy before the fire on a cold winter's day.


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  1. I enjoyed this book. It tells a story of a military man and woman, who meet and create a child and they separate for several years and finally the man and child get to know each other and of course in the end the parents get married and they become a big happy family. Of course, the mother in law, is so happy to be a grandmother and can't wait to be part of her newly discovered grand daughter's life. A must read. Loved this book.

  2. As a reader, I was so sorry to see this series come to an end. However, the books can be reread to relive the joy of romance and this is certainly one of those which merits a second visit.

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