Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Unbroken the Movie to be Released on Christmas Day!

Unbroken  is a very inspiring true story of the life of Louis Zamperini who was captured by the Japanese in World War II. It tells about the child who becomes this War Hero and how he played sports and almost became the fastest Olympic runner ever before service and everything else about his life and childhood.

My 13 year old son is anxious to see the movie! He is a natural when it comes to military interest. We  listened to the book on CD together; at 10 he could not have read such a large book or had that kind of attention. Since he enjoyed this book, we developed a tradition of listening while driving and also at bedtime. His life inspired an interest in sports that he did not previously have. If you see the movie, you absolutely must read the book! It is time well spent.

--by Michelle at FRL

The Unbroken Movie Trailer

To Place a Hold on Unbroken

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