Friday, August 8, 2014

Life Expectancy, by Dean Koontz

Jimmy Tock was born on a stormy night at the exact time his own grandfather died. Just before his grandfather died from a paralyzing stroke, he spoke very clearly and demanded that Jimmy’s father write down every date he was about to tell him, because Jimmy would have five terrible days in his lifetime and he needed to be warned. Jimmy’s father didn’t think much of it until his own father’s prediction proved true--how everyone would call his son Jimmy and that he would weigh a certain amount at birth and be a certain length as well. Also that he would have a condition called syndactyly toes--webbed toes.

Jimmy tells the story from his perspective. The first 23 chapters are about the first terrible day of Jimmy’s life. One way to describe it could be, “A Hannibal Lecter University graduate meets Abbot and Costello at the Bates Motel”. It was quite humorous throughout with some seriousness as well. The back and forth use of literary references during conversations and Jimmy’s thoughts were so very humorous and entertaining causing almost constant chuckles. It had quite a few unexpected twists and turns, and what a surprise ending!

Reviewed by Fran, First Regional Library

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