Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Finally a Bride, by Vickie McDonough

This is the story of two very different women. Jack ( Jacqueline) is young, adventurous, and looking forward to leaving her family to make her way out in the world. She wants to get a job as a journalist at a newspaper in the big city. Carly has just gotten out of prison and wants to just keep her head down and live peacefully in a small town.

Jack meets the young, new pastor in town and is immediately drawn to him. She has known him in the past, but does not realize this. Noah, the new pastor, wants Jack and the whole town to see him differently before he reveals what his previous name was.

Carly is in much the same boat as Noah. She hopes the townspeople will get to know her before they condemn her for her past. She doesn’t believe any man will ever love or want to marry and ex-con. Noah and Carly both have pasts to live down. After numerous adventures and misadventures, their faith in God helps them find acceptance and love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Finally a Bride is an excellent feel good, happily ever after read.

Reviewed by Judy, First Regional Library

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