Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Garland of Love, by Alice Sharpe

After a cousin she barely knew passed away, Alison has inherited a huge house, servants including a cantankerous cook, lots of money--and a 6 year old boy! 'Ali' owns her own floral shop and needs to hire help at her shop and newly acquired home, so she places an ad in the newspaper. She is not very good at the 'having money thing' either.

When a 'hunk' of a man comes in to apply for the nanny job -- the confusion begins. The landlord who owns her building where her parents began the florist shop some 30 years ago, sells the building. The cook who thinks she is everyone's boss quits, just hours before Ali is to have company for dinner-- and she can't cook!

Ali wants more than anything to take care of Jamie, her newly acquired 'son'. The nanny that she wanted to hire is allergic to dogs and Jamie has Nora, a big blondish, sweet dog.

What will she do? What (and WHO) else is in this picture?

I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet,warm and romantic romance.

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