Monday, November 25, 2013

Summer, by Karen Kingsbury

Summer by Karen Kingsbury, is a book in the Baxter family series. Summer is by far my favorite Karen Kingsbury. The tone of this book was very sad but also inspirational. As a Christian fiction Book, there is the good versus bad.

In this story, one sister is pregnant with her third child and discovers the unborn child has a rare birth defect, and will die shortly after birth. The other sister, who is doctor, tries to convince her to abort the unborn child. The pregnant sister is horrified and a huge rift comes between the two sisters. 

The author had this God fearing Christian family pray for a miracle. In reading the book, you hope that the miracle they are praying for happens. As a reader of this book, I am glad that the author allowed the story to unfold the way she did.


Baby girl is born. The extended family surrounding and supports the mother and her newborn. They are there when she is born and they are there when she dies. To me as the reader, it makes this family feel more real to me. Even good God fearing Christian people, have hardships.

Reviewed by a staff member, First Regional Library

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  1. This book, like the rest of this series, leaves you wanting more. Such a wonderful story, and a great writing style, make this an touching book. I am and will probably always be a fan of Karen Kingsbury!