Monday, October 14, 2013

Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called is fast paced, suspenseful, adult fantasy fiction set in the Pacific Northwest. The main character, Mercy is tough and capable but smart enough to know her own limitations. Mercy is Native American and a skinwalker. She can transform into a coyote, and was raised by a pack of wolves. In this book, werewolves, vampires, witches and other supernaturals live secretly among the humans.

Mercy is an owner of an auto repair shop. She hires a young man, who shows up on her doorstep, knowing that he was a wolf but not from the local clan. The young man is a new wolf and he has been experimented on. The local alpha wolf is attacked and his daughter kidnapped. Mercy takes the local alpha to the wolf clan that raised her. They set out to find the kidnapped girl, the people behind the attack on the alpha, and the ones who are experimenting on the new wolves.

To me, there were too many characters and I would have to reread sections to understand what was happening and to keep the characters straight. Also , there was too much dialogue on the clan policies.

Reviewed by Stephanie, First Regional Library

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