Friday, January 18, 2013

A Million Heavens, by John Brandon

I am not always a fan of books with many narrators. With A Million Heavens I did not have that problem. John Brandon made me care about all the characters in this story. Even the wolf who roams throughout the novel and the chickens who live in someone’s backyard.

Set in a suburb of Albuquerque, the uniting force of the novel is a child who has fallen into a coma. His father waits for him to wake up. The parking lot of the clinic where the boy is a patient has become a vigil spot for a group of people. A wolf wanders during the night. A musician who died young is in a sort of purgatory. A gas station owner decides to journey into the desert to find himself. And the Mayor of the town is ready to turn his life around.

This all might sound odd, but John Brandon has a talent for making the different stories flow together. By the time you have met each character you are ready to know what happens to them next. A Million Heavens will be found on the Oxford Staff Picks shelf until it gets checked out!

Reviewed by Laura Beth, First Regional Library

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