Friday, July 13, 2012

Miss Julia’s School of Beauty, by Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia has eloped with Sam Murdoch to Tennessee. When they return from Dollywood, Sam takes her to his house without talking to her about it first.

One unexpected problem is Lillian, her housekeeper and James, Sam’s housekeeper have trouble getting along in the kitchen. But before she can resolve this matter her late husband’s mistress, Hazel Marie, and her son little Lloyd move into her house.

As complicated as it sounds, they turned out to be a blessing to Miss Julia. While Miss Julia is adjusting to being a wife again she has agreed to help Hazel Marie put together a beauty pageant for the Sheriff’s department. 

So begins a series of events--starting with the possibility that Sam and Miss Julia may or may not be married. 

This book was a delightful read and the characters are well developed. Ann B. Ross’s books are always funny and heartwarming, this one is no exception and that Southern flavor adds just the right touch. These characters stay with you long after you close the book.

Reviewed by a staff member, First Regional Library

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