Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whatever Happened to Janie?, by Caroline B. Cooney

Do you ever wish you could disappear, run away, be somebody completely new? What would that mean to those left behind?

Whatever Happened to Janie by Caroline B. Cooney explores the unthinkable, unimaginable and terribly tragic kidnapping of a three year old girl. She did not choose to be kidnapped but neither did she make any real effort to reconnect with her real family after she unexpectedly recognizes herself as the missing child on the back of a milk carton.

The grief, relief, anger and frustration felt by both sets of her parents never seems to dent Janie’s self absorbed pity party. Utter rage bottled up for years provides a stomach churning stage for her biological siblings. You can live with devastating ache for only so long – until a semblance of normality needs to be found.

Janie’s choices have a far reaching impact for her two families. It is up to the reader to decide if Janie is worth the effort and tears.

Reviewed by a staff member, First Regional Library

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