Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ruby Redfort, Look Into My Eyes, by Lauren Child

Children’s author Lauren Child has written a Young Adult book about one of the popular characters in her Clarice Bean series – Ruby Redfort.

Ruby Redfort, Look Into My Eyes is a combination Harriet the Spy, NCIS and Nancy Drew. Armed with mega smarts and sly wit, Ruby runs circles around her rather dim parents and is backed by her faithful pal Clancy. Winning the Junior Code Creator Competition, Ruby finds herself recruited by Spectrum, the “good guys” spy service. A secret code must be found to solve a secret agent’s murder and prevent the theft of a rare jade Buddha.

It is rumored that whoever looks into the Buddha’s eyes at midnight on New Year’s Eve will have eternal life. When a gang of international bad guys, led by a Dracula wannabe, targets the jade Buddha – it is up to Ruby, Clancy and Ruby’s Spectrum “babysitter” Hitch – to save the Buddha and rescue the world from evil.

Ruby Redfort, Look Into My Eyes is a fast and superbly entertaining read. Look for more Ruby Redfort adventures – hopefully soon.

Reviewed by a staff member, First Regional Library

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