Monday, May 18, 2009

True Believer, by Nicholas Sparks

Debunking Ghosts

True Believer, by Nicholas Sparks

Jeremy Marsh is a journalist from New York whose claim to fame is debunking the paranormal. He is asked to come to the small town of Boone Creek in North Carolina by restaurant owner and town diviner, Doris. She wants him to prove that the glowing lights in the old cemetery are not ghosts walking around but that there is a scientific reason that they can be seen.

While Jeremy is there he meets Doris’s granddaughter and librarian, Lexie. Despite the world of differences between the two, a romance kindles. Jeremy continues to investigate the mystery of the lights, but if he disproves them what will that do to the economy of the town that wants to use the mystery for a tourist attraction? Or even more troublesome what will his skepticism cost him and does he have the courage to take a leap of faith?

The storyline combines romance, small town life, and mystery in a way that makes you long to live in Boone Creek. The characters, both main and supporting, pull you into their life like old friends.

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  1. I have read this book and I enjoyed it
    Would recommend this book to anyone