Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wizard's Dilemma, by Diane Duane

Quest for a Cure

The Wizard’s Dilemma, by Diane Duane

In this fifth installment of the Young Wizards series Nita and her wizard partner, Kit are fighting and can’t seem to really communicate. Unfortunately, this is exactly the time that Nita finds out she needs a friend the most. She receives the devastating news that her mother has an inoperable brain tumor. Unwilling to accept that her mother cannot be saved by science or magic, she sets out to find a cure for the cancer.

The issues, decisions, and self-doubt felt by the young adults in this book will touch a chord with readers of all ages. This contemporary fantasy is fast paced with a lot of dialogue. I think anyone who enjoyed the Harry Potter books would also enjoy this series.

Reviewed by a Robin Warren-Busigo, Hernando Public Library
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  1. I am a grownup, but I have abolutely loved this entire series. There is always some twist or turn that makes you want to see what comes next. When I start to read one of these books, I know I need to have a couple hours free because I won't want to put it down.

  2. I've always enjoyed reading young adult books. Glad someone else enjoys it also.

    Cheers, Amy